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EngageML is a no-code tool that transforms your data into predictions. Build, train, and deploy predictive models in minutes. No AI experience required.

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Data Scientist
Software Engineer
Data Engineer
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Power up your product with simple API integration

API Integration

Personalize experience with AI powered recommendations

Deploy ML models that scale in minutes.

EngageML integrations connect directly with your data

Data Sources

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Turn data into predictions in minutes with our no-code platform

API Integration

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Simple drag-drop interface for batch predictions

Batch Prediction

Predict outcomes with what-if scenarios

What If Scenario

Built for product builders

Make every part of growth operations more efficient. Scale faster by using your existing data to predict key business outcomes. Here are some ways you can leverage the power of AI.

Churn Prediction

Predict which customer is more likely to cancel the subscription.

Product Recommendations

Make it easier to find similar recommendations related to what the customers are looking at.

Lead Conversion

Check customer interests for various courses and turn it into sales.

This is as simple as few clicks!

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“Our tiny data team has been able to experiment with and implement machine learning solutions thanks to EngageML. ML as a service is now exciting !”


Taiyari Karlo

“This is fantastic. I've always needed to use ML but have never had the opportunity to do so.”


Senior Developer Comcast

“The model has proved to be really beneficial. It frees up a lot of time and mental space for the team.”


CTO Tingo

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